Built to impress, the NovaTouch TKL utilizes exclusive Hybrid Capacitive switches which are exceptionally quiet and suitable for heavy-duty typing or gaming.
The actuation force is precision-tuned to the strength of your fingers, while an ultra smooth, tactile key process makes NovaTouch the best feeling keyboard on the market
NovaTouch utilizes a patented hybrid switch design that combines the benefits of a mechanical spring-based switch and an electrostatic capacitive sensor to provide excellent tactility, comfort, and durability. The unique design of these Hybrid Capacitive switches require no physical mechanical coupling, therefore eliminating key switch bounce & chatter for a frictionless experience.
Switch Comparison
The tactile bump on NovaTouch is much smoother than CHERRY MX Brown, and switch noise is non-existent,while Browns have some switch chatter.
O-ring Sound Dampeners
included o-ring sound dampeners can further reduce keycap noise and reduce bottoming-out impact.
Detachable Cable
Included braided micro USB cable is convenient and flexible while ensuring error-free transmission by using high quality, gold- plated connectors and contacts.
N-Key Rollover & Anti-Ghosting
All keystrokes will be simultaneously registered for total precision and accuracy
Switch Up Your Style
Compatible With CHERRY MX Keycaps For keyboard enthusiasts who like to switch out the caps with their own.
The tenkeyless (TKL) form factor allows for more comfortable positioning of the keyboard and mouse, eliminating discomfort over extended periods of use and providing space saving benefits.
Personalize Your Typing Gear
Use the custom Cherry MX keycaps to customize your keyboard.
What’s Included?NovaTouch TKL keyboard, steel wire key puller, o-ring switch dampeners, USB cable, Quick Start Guide.
The Hybrid Capacitive switch on the Novatouch gives a smooth responsive feel to every key stroke. I also really like the compact and clean design. Best regards,
The NovaTouch feels great to use, the purple NovaTouch switches are quiet but feel very responsive and have a slight bounce back to them. Putting in extended gaming sessions is effortless and feels very natural on the NovaTouch.
The NovaTouch keyboard is a professional standard portable keyboard. Its compact size allows for easy travel to events. The NovaTouch keys are just as responsive as blue or brown switches without that annoying "click-clack" sound.
The NovaTouch is just a really simple keyboard when you look at it, but then you pick it up and it has some weight to it. It feels sturdy. Then when you press the keys, they are noticeably different than your standard mechanical keyboard. When I played on it for about a week, I started to feel the difference with the debounce on the keys, it just felt good – I don’t know how to explain it.
The NovaTouch keyboard has a similar layout to the QuickFire Rapid, meaning that it does not have the number pad on the side. This makes the NovaTouch much lighter and smaller than a standard full-size keyboard and allows for it to be easily put in a bag when I'm travelling for tournaments. The debounce on the NovaTouch keys also feel nice on the fingers and do not have a noisy click – which is ideal when playing in a room with other people, or trying not to be too loud at night.
Cooler Master did a great job on this keyboard. They changed the USB port in the back to be more sturdy, which is something I had a problem with in the older models. I also really like the design of the keyboard, it looks very clean and simple.
The Novatouch has all the responsiveness of a Cherry switch keyboard with smoother action, less noise, and better bounce on the keys. I also adore its simple design and solid construction, especially since many keyboards have gone over the top with macro keys and unnecessary bulk. I've never used a keyboard more pleasurable for both work and gaming!