Max Customization

Havoc features multi-color LED zones, the Mousewheel, DPI Buttons and CM Storm Logo. The 5 brightness levels and 7 colors of each zone can be fine-tuned and switched between full lighting, breathing, rapid fire modes, or simply disabled.
Programmable Buttons

Havoc, designed with 8 programmable buttons, can accurately register from our software and offers up to 32 extra command buttons , for players who need to be executed quickly in MMO games
Customizable AP

With Havoc on hand, you can start programming command sequences as Macros and adjust hardware setting in CMStorm Havoc dedicated application.
128 kb onboard memory

Havoc provides large storage which allows you save all macros you program in, and lets you quickly switch between 4 profiles anywhere even without installing application.
On-The-Fly TuningQuickly switch between different DPI levels without leaving the virtual Battle-field or being distracting and catching a bullet.
Rubberized Grip

To improve the grip and prevent your fingers from sliding and slipping, the entire mouse body is coated in a layer of rubber for more stability.


* Photos may slightly differ from actual product

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Model Number SGM-4002-KLLN1
Grip Type Palm 
Material Rubber Paint Coating
Color Black
LEDs Yes, 7 colors
Sensor Avago 9800 Laser Sensor
CPI / DPI Up to  8200
Tracking Speed 150 ips
Lift Off Distance < 1.3mm
Polling Rate 1000 Hz / 1 ms
Angle Snapping YES
Mouse acceleration 30g
Programming Profiles 4
On-board Memory 128KB
Programmable buttons 8
Connector Cable USB 2.0
1.8 m / 70.9 in
Dimensions L x W x H 120 x 85 x 45 mm
4.6 x 3.3 x 1.7 in
Weight 140 g / 0.3 lbs
Weight (without USB Cable) 104g / 0.23 lbs
Packaged Dimensions 156 * 66 * 220 mm
6.1 * 2.6 * 8.7 inch 
Packaged Weight 390g / 0.86 lbs
Warranty 2 years
Software YES
Accessories NO


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