Phantom keycaps

Icons and letters are printed on the side of the keycaps which gives the Stealth an extremely sleek, clean and stylish look, and will last virtually forever.
Cherry MX switch

Each CHERRY MX switch is tested and guaranteed to last at least 50 million hits.
A solid steel plate supports all switches and the circuit logic for maximum durability, the best possible tactile feedback and extreme stability.
Compact Tenkeyless Layout

The extremely compact layout with standard arrow and command key clusters saves space and allows you to free up desk space for your mouse and mousepad
Quality USB cable & management groves

Braided with extremely durable synthetic fibre and gold plated – This high quality removable USB cable will last you a lifetime. It can be routed to either side of the keyboard, or be completely removed and tucked away when on the go.
Multi media & win-lock shortcuts

FN key combos allow you to quickly and conveniently access multi media commands and lock the win keys
Turbo mode – repeat rate tweaking

In games many commands can be executed by hitting a single key. A higher repeat rate means commands can be issued faster, giving you an edge over competitors while putting less strain on your wrist and fingers.

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Model Number SGK-4000-GKCR2(Red switch)
SGK-4000-GKCM2(Brown switch)
SGK-4000-GKCG2(Green switch)
SGK-4000-GKCL2(Blue switch)
Key Switch CHERRY Blue / Red / Brown / Green
Switch availability may vary on language layout
Key Rollover NKRO in PS/2 mode (12KRO over USB)
Interface USB (PS/2 adapter included)
USB Cable Removable mini USB 2.0
Dimensions 355(L)x135(W)x35(H) mm
14(L)x5.3(W)x1.4(H) inch
Weight 940 g / 2.1 lbs
Media Keys Yes, via FN
Polling Rate 1000 Hz/1ms
Windows Key Lock  CHERRY Blue / Red / Brown / Green
Repeat Rate  4 levels (PS2 mode only)
Keycaps  ABS, grip coated
Accessories 6 extra key caps
Keycap Puller 1x
Warranty 2 years 
Note Not available in Europe