Choose from 3 distinct versions
Cherry MX Switch Red Blue Brown
Backlight Color Red Blue White
Steelplate Coating Red Blue Brown
N-Key Rollover over USB

N-Key Roll Over in USB mode means even the wildest key combos are registered perfectly.
Easy cable management

Detachable braided USB cable and cable routing groves at the underside of the keyboard. Easy cable management and better flexibility.
Full LED backlight, 3 modes and 5 brightness levels

Stylish and provides optimum visibility even in dark rooms. Different backlight modes highlight different key groups.
Compact layout with integrated Num pad block

The QuickFire TK’s unique NumPad block design merges both navigation and command keys. You get a compact gaming keyboard with a NumPad block.

Awards & Reviews


Model Number SGK-4020-GKCL1 (Blue switch)
SGK-4020-GKCM1 (Brown switch)
SGK-4020-GKCR1 (Red switch)
SGK-4020-GKCG1 (Green switch)
SGK-4020-GKCM2 (White case, Brown switch)
SGK-4020-GKCR2 (White case, Red switch)
Key Switch Type CHERRY MX Blue, Brown, Red, Green
Availability may vary by region
Backlight Blue LED on Blue Switch models
White LED on Brown Switch models
Red LED on Red Switch models
Green LED on Green Switch models
All keys
5 brightness levels
3 lighting modes
Interface USB 2.0
Key Rollover N-Key
Polling Rate 1000 Hz / 1ms
Keycaps ABS, Grip Coated
Media Keys  F-Key Media Control
Windows Key Lock Yes
Connector Cable Removable Mini-USB 2.0
1.8 m / 70.9 inch
Dimensions L x W x H 377.5 x 138 x 33 mm
14.9 x 5.4 x 1.3 in
Weight 800 g / 1.76 lbs
Packaged Dimensions 395(L)*188(W)*49(H) mm
15.5(L)*7.4(W)*1.9(H) inch
Packaged Weight 1100g / 2.42 lbs 
Warranty 2 years
Accessories Keycap Puller


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